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Second Hand Catering Equipment

Brenchleys from time to time have second hand catering equipment available. Please contact us if you would like to know what we have to offer.
Are you thinking about building a new kitchen from second hand equipment?
Although building a new kitchen from second hand equipment can be cost effective in the short term it may not be beneficial. Without knowing the full history of old equipment you have no idea how reliable it is going to be. Breakdowns can not only be costly but can stop the operation of your kitchen and result in the loss of stock.
Here at Brenchleys we can offer low cost finance to help you construct your new Kitchen. This gives you a fixed monthly payment to help you budget. It  gives you a piece of mind that your equipment is warrantied for a minimum of a year with some manufactures offering up to 5 years with no un expected costs.
For more information on the projects we have done, please visit our sister site below:
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